The New Localism: How Cities Can Strive in the Age of Populism

Substantive editor

The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation: A Model for Regenerating Cities

Developmental editor

Advancing a new wave of urban competitiveness: The role of mayors in the rise of innovation districts

Worked with team of authors on this handbook to ensure readability for mayors and other city officials.

Innovation Spaces: The New Design of Work

Worked closely with authors to develop a voice and structure.

2017 Economic Report of the President

Fourth year of working with the Council to edit this report.

New York City's War on Poverty

Worked with authors through conceptualizing, writing, and editing this four-part series in Washington Monthly.

Atlantic Council Annual Report 2015

Worked with Atlantic Council staff to conceptualize, write, and carry out its first annual report.

Hearts and Minds of Parents in an Uncertain World

Worked with a team at Learning Heroes and Hart Research to write this report based on a parents' survey.

Economic Report of the President 2016

Edited report for the third year.

Financing U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in the 21st Century

Edited for consistency of writing style between the three authors and for overall fluidity.

Primary Care In the New Health Economy: Time for a Makeover

Worked with authors on writing and editing.

Pope Francis: Voice for the Poor

Worked with the former Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development to write this piece applauding the Pope's message on alleviating poverty.

Weathering Volatility: Big Data on the Financial Ups and Downs of US Individuals

Worked to help conceptualize and draft this first report from the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Institute.

Healthcare Reform: Five trends to watch as the Affordable Care Act turns five

Worked with author and did substantial edits

2015 Economic Report of the President

Second year of editing this report.

Global health's new entrants: meeting the world's consumer

Wrote this report for a team of Global Health experts at PwC. Conducted interviews with experts internationally, and worked with the team to develop outline, themes, and organization.

Behind the Numbers

Worked with researchers on writing this annual release of healthcare cost trends, and helped to finetune the messaging in web presentation and opinion pieces.

Policies to Address Poverty in America

Edited the enclosed policy memos by various authors, working with Melissa Kearney, Ben Harris, and Karen Anderson.

Unlocking the Spectrum

Drafted this policy brief from a lengthy discussion paper.

2014 Economic Report of the President

Edited the report, working closely with members of the CEA chaired by Jason Furman.

The War on Poverty 50 Years Later: A Progress Report

Edited this report as part of the Economic Report of the President 2014.

Behind the Health Spending Numbers

Worked with author to write this opinion piece.

Using Data to Improve the Performance of Workforce Training

Helped with several rounds of substantive edits to ensure the policy proposal was clear, organized, and fresh.


Scoring Healthcare

Worked with author to write this opinion piece.

Walk This Way: The Economic Promise of Walkable Places in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Offered editorial assistance for this economic analysis of District neighborhoods that finds how more walkable places perform better economically.

Population Growth in Metro America since 1980: Putting the Volatile 2000s in Perspective

Substantive edit on this examination of population growth, showing how metro areas with diversified, knowledge-based economies are likely to attract and retain population over the long run.

Global MetroMonitor 2011: Volatility, Growth, and Recovery

Substantive editing on this analysis of per capita GDP (income) and employment changes in the 2010 to 2011 period for 200 of the world’s largest metropolitan economies, which account for nearly one-half (48 percent) of global output but contain only 14 percent of world population and employment.

Accounting for the cost of U.S. health care: Pre-reform trends and the impact of the recession

Offered editorial guidance and substantive editing

Brookings 2011 Annual Report

My Washingtonian article on raising my son as a single mom was cited in column in The Washington Post.

Improving Student Outcomes

My substantive edit and reorganization of this new Hamilton Project strategy paper helped to clarify the dual-track approach to improving future educational outcomes that the authors were discussing.

The New Metro Minority Map: Regional Shifts in Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks from Census 2010

Substantive edit on this paper, which shows how the rapid growth of Hispanic and Asian origin groups and new internal shifts of African Americans are transforming the racial and ethnic demographic profiles of America's largest metropolitan areas ahead of other parts of the country. Findings appeared on the front page of The Washington Post.

Unsustainable Budget Threatens Nation

Ten former chairmen and chairwomen of the Council of Economic Advisers, who have served in Republican and Democratic administrations, urged that the Bowles-Simpson report, "The Moment of Truth," be the starting point of an active legislative process that involves intense negotiations between both parties.

Ten Economic Facts about Immigration

How Federal Policy Can Target Job Creation for Economically Distressed Areas

Increasing Residential Mobility to Boost Economic Mobility

Supporting Work: A Proposal for Modernizing the U.S. Disability Insurance System

A Modern Corporate Tax

States Must Cut and Invest to Balance Budgets

My substantive edit on a Brookings' Metropolitan Policy report, "The Geography of Immigrant Skills: Education Profiles of Metropolitan Areas," to heighten the economic ramifications of more highly skilled immigrants within U.S borders helped to shape it into a piece that became headline news in the Washington Post on July 9: "Foreign labor's skill level on the rise: Better-educated immigrant workforce shows economic shift."